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Gold Series Gaseous Fuel Throttle Body

Breathing brilliance

GasResearch LPG Throttle Bodies are available in the following sizes :

Single Throttle320350400440480510CFM
Twin Throttles 7508409209901020CFM

Single carb 6 cylinder kits are rated to 6000RPM - max 300BHP
Single carb V8 kits are rated to 4600RPM - max 300BHP
Twin carb twin converter V8 kits are rated to 8000RPM - in excess of 300BHP

GasResearch Gold Series LPG throttle bodies will suit any naturally aspirated application.  The Gold Series fuel systems are fully jetable and, once correctly tuned to your engine, ensure maximum performance throughout the full operating range.  From idle to wide open throttle, the GasResearch metering system maintains total control over the air/fuel ratio.

Correct air/fuel ratios produce:

· Maximum fuel economy
· Maximum power output
· Maximum reliability

Correct air/fuel ratios are critical to maximise performance, fuel consumption and engine life.
Other fixed venturi or constant velocity type LPG mixers cannot maintain control of the fuel mixtures throughout the operating range of your engine.
This lack of control can result in lean mixtures being delivered to the engine, especially under loaded conditions.  Lean mixtures cause backfires, detonation, and excessively high combustion temperatures.  These in turn promote premature engine failures such as accelerated valve recession and in extreme cases burnt valves and holed pistons.  Incorrect fuel mixtures also promote high ignition component wear.

Some installers compensate for these lean conditions by richening up the fuel system across the board, this results in increased fuel consumption, loss in power, and can cause similar symptoms as lean conditions.

The manufacturing tolerances and material compatibility used in GasResearch throttle bodies and all associated GasResearch products ensure total reliability for many thousands of kilometres. It is this fact that ensures that the correct state of tune is maintained for many years. GasResearch throttle bodies enjoy a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Custom made kits available, prices on application.

Resize Service

Made some improvements?  Installed a bigger engine?  Transferring your GasResearch system to a different car?

If you think you could wring a few more horses out of your machine at the top end, if only you had a bigger throttle body, then contact us before you throw your old one away!

To save you money and avoid the waiting list for a new throttle body, GasResearch may be able to resize your old one!

We can change the rating of your throttle body to any size from our range.

We will even give the carb a quick once-over for you while it's here, in most cases returning it to you, resized and rejetted, the next working day.


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