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Welcome to GasResearch Australia!

Prices are indicative only, all prices are subject to change without notice.  Lead times may vary, call for up to date prices and details.

This is a small sample of the products and kits we have available - please call us on 1800 550 335 if you don't see what you are looking for.

All prices are exclusive of GST and delivery (ex works Qld).
Retail kits
Kits include the following :
Throttle Body, Convertor, Lock-off valve, Adapter, Electric Primer, Brackets, Gaskets, Linkages, and Closed Loop Processor System and Idle Speed Control System where applicable.
Straight Gas

Price (ex. GST)

Ford XE-XF 4.1 Carby $1024.90
Ford XD 250 Crossflow Alloy head $1340.90
Ford XD 250 Crossflow Cast Iron head $1340.90
Ford EA/EB1 Falcon 6cyl, Centrefire, 3sp/4sp Auto $1206.15
Holden 6cyl Red (incl. manifold) $1106.05
Holden 6cyl Blue/Black Carb $994.95
Holden 6cyl Blue/Black MPI $962.50
Valiant 6cyl $994.95
Holden V8 2bbl single throttle $970.75
Holden V8 4bbl single throttle $994.95
Chrysler V8 2bbl single throttle $1037.30
Ford 302 Clev 2bbl single throttle $994.95
Ford 302 Clev 4bbl single throttle $994.95
Ford 351 Clev 4bbl single throttle $994.95
Ford 302 Windsor 2bbl single throttle $994.95
Ford 302 Windsor 4bbl single throttle $994.95
Ford Big Block 4bbl single throttle $994.95
Chev Small Block 4bbl single throttle $994.95
Chev Big Block 4bbl single throttle $994.95
Nissan Patrol 4.2 GQ Carby $994.95
Chev/Ford/Holden/Chrysler V8 4B twin throttle / twin convertor $1837.00
Dual fuel (also available in straight gas)

Price (ex. GST)

Holden 6cyl MPI $1119.80
Holden VL / Nissan RB30 $1226.50
Holden VN-VS V6 $1226.50
Holden VN-VT V8 (including 185kw & 215kw) $1147.30
Ford EA-EB1 MPI $1250.15
Ford EB2-EF 6cyl $1147.30
Ford EL 6cyl (incl. induction pipe) $1365.75
Ford EB V8 $1292.50
Ford 302/351 Windsor MPI $1268.30
Ford F150-F350 5.0/5.8L MPI $1268.30
Special Purpose

Price (ex. GST)

V8 Tornado Tunnel ram twin/quad system POA


Parts Pricing

Description Details
Price (ex. GST)
Throttle Body S350, S400, S440, S480, S510 $484.00
Jetset 10 idle/progression tuning jets $18.15
Metering rod 2 Step/ 3 Step metering rod $8.25
Full Tuning Kit Complete kit, jets & rods $175.45
Single carb 2B adapter 2 barrel adapter $114.95
Single carb 4B adapter 4 barrel adapter $157.30
Twin carb 4B adapter Twin carburettor adapter $290.40
Powdercoated carburettor Red, light blue, dark blue, black +$55.00
GasResearch B2 converter Up to 296 BHP $212.95
GasResearch primer kit To suit GasResearch B2 $46.00
45 elbow 45° rubber induction elbow $42.35
90 elbow 90° rubber induction elbow $29.05
K & N air filter (small) Small K & N air filter $124.85
Tuff 75B hose Flexible induction hose P/M-Black $55.00
Lock-Off Valve Safety lock off valve $48.40

Part No. Description

Price (ex. GST)

HAR-ACB-UNI Acc. Cable Brkt: Universal $8.45
HAR-ACB-07 Acc. Cable Brkt: VS V6 $14.50
HAR-ACB-08-KIT Acc. Cable Brkt: EF/AU 6 cyl $12.00
HAR-ACB-253 Acc. Cable Brkt: Holden 253 $12.10
HAR-ACB-EA Acc. Cable Brkt: EA $18.15
HAR-ACB-XF Acc. Cable Brkt: XF $14.50
HAR-CB-01 Convertor Brkt: Straight $9.70
HAR-CB-02 Convertor Brkt: VR/VS V8 $12.10
HAR-CB-04 Convertor Brkt: Plate $12.10
HAR-CB-05 Convertor Brkt: VN/VP V8 $12.10
HAR-CB-06 Convertor Brkt: Long Angle $12.65
HAR-CB-07 Convertor Brkt: EA/EL $12.10
HAR-CB-07-90 Convertor Brkt: EA/EL 90 $38.70
HAR-CB-08 Convertor Brkt: VS V6 $16.35
HAR-CB-10 Convertor Brkt: Rodeo V6 $20.60
HAR-CB-11 Convertor Brkt: VT V6 $20.60
HAR-CB-12 Convertor Brkt: Landcruiser 100s $20.60
HAR-CB-13 Convertor Brkt: AU 6 cyl $20.60

Manifold Adaptors
Part No. Description

Price (ex. GST)

MAN-SC2BF03 Cast 2 barrel Adaptor: WW (Holden 253) $114.95
MAN-SC2B-01 Cast 2 barrel Adaptor: EA $114.95
MAN-SC2B-02 Cast 2 barrel Adaptor: XF (Weber) $114.95
MAN-SC2B-03 Cast 2 barrel Adaptor: WW (Valiant) $114.95
MAN-SC2B-04 Cast 2 barrel Adaptor: Arram (Landcruiser) $114.95
MAN-SC2B-05 Cast 2 barrel Adaptor: Denso (Patrol) $114.95
MAN-SC4BL Cast 4 barrel Adaptor: Left $157.30
MAN-SC4BR Cast 4 barrel Adaptor: Right $157.30
MAN-TC4B Cast 4 barrel Adaptor: Twin Carb $290.40
MAN-TC4B-C Cast 4 barrel Adaptor: Twin Carb (Cobra) $350.90
MAN-MAP-01 Adaptor plate: Universal - Steel^ $24.20
MAN-MAP-02 Adaptor plate: Universal - Aluminium^ $36.30
MAN-MAP-03 Adaptor plate: Landcruiser 3F motor $84.70
MAN-MAP-04 Adaptor plate: Landcruiser 4.5l $84.70
MAN-MAP-05 Adaptor plate: VN-VS V8 $84.70
MAN-MAP-07 Adaptor plate: RB30 $84.70
MAN-MAP-08 Adaptor plate: Windsor MPI (F-Truck) $84.70
MAN-MAP-09 Adaptor plate: Windsor MPI (EA-EF) $84.70
MAN-10-112 Adaptor plate: Galant, Datsun, Gemini* $46.30
MAN-10-217 Adaptor plate: Corolla, Corona, Celica* $46.30
MAN-10-218 Adaptor plate: Holden Varijet* $46.30
MAN-10-234 Adaptor plate: 2 Barrel Holley* $46.30
MAN-10-555 Adaptor plate: 2 Barrel to 4 Barrel* $53.25
MAN-AD2BT-UNI Adaptor plate: Universal 2 Barrel^ $24.20
* Use in conjunction with MAN-SC2B-02.
^ Some fabrication required.

Trade discounts apply on presentation of trade order.