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Is your GasResearch kit genuine?

Checking your GasResearch components are Genuine

The components which go together to make a GasResearch performance LPG system have been carefully matched following years of research and development work to bring you the best performance LPG can offer.

Each component has been specially developed by GasResearch to enable each GasResearch kit to function at its best.

Genuine GasResearch Throttle bodies and Convertors are easy to identify as they all bear the GasResearch Logo.

Throttle bodies have the logo embossed into the side of the housing, along with the word "Awesome".   Convertors have a large silver sticker bearing the GasResearch logo and telephone number in red. (see picture below)

GasResearch warranty only covers GasResearch components, and parts supplied in a genuine GasResearch undebonnet kit.

If you have any doubts as to whether any of your GasResearch parts are genuine, call us now on 1800 550 335

Does your convertor bear the logo?
Does your convertor bear the logo?

The GasResearch Convertor

Our convertors are manufactured to GasResearch specifications and exacting standards. The convertors were developed exclusively with the GasResearch Throttle Body in mind, and as such are not suitable for use with other brand mixers.


A convertor of any other brand will not allow your gas system to function properly, leading to effects from simply not starting or running at all to catastrophic lean-out causing complete engine failure.

"Modified" convertors, which have had spring changes or other modifications ARE NOT equivalent to GasResearch convertors.

GasResearch Australia Pty. Ltd. does not supply any other brand convertor, and does not make convertors for anybody else.

Remember: If it doesn't say GasResearch on the outside, it's not GasResearch on the inside.


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