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Diesel Series natural gas/diesel dual fuel system

The GasResearch natural gas/diesel dual fuel system is a simple, maintenance free fuel system that requires no engine modifications. It substitutes a controlled amount of expensive diesel fuel for much cleaner and cheaper natural gas (NGV).

This system offers a very quick return from a wise investment.

Lower fuel costs
Substitution levels will vary depending on engine size, rev range and load conditions but most vehicles achieve a 50% substitution returning 25% or better reduction in fuel costs. This is based on a supply price of $0.35 per cubic metre of natural gas (equivalent to 1lt of diesel). Security of supply and stable pricing also add to the attractiveness of the fuel.

No engine modifications
The system operates by using a restricted diesel supply as an ignition source. The engine requires NO internal modifications. The natural gas (NGV) is introduced into the intake air stream with the use of a Diesel Series GasResearch metering system.

Increased power
An increase in engine horsepower through the midrange to maximum revs is normal. Performance and drivability are enhanced. Drivers report that they are "one gear better" everywhere. Engine noise is also reduced.

Automatic operation
Once the engine reaches it's normal operating temperature, the dual fuel operation is automatically enabled. If you run out of natural gas (NGV) away from a refuelling station, the system senses low gas pressure and automatically reverts back to normal diesel operation. It requires no driver input at all.

Cleaner emissions
Due to cleaner and more complete combustion, higher efficiency levels are achieved resulting in fewer emissions and less black smoke (particulate emissions).

Compressed natural gas (NGV) can be sourced from a number of public refuelling stations around Australia.

Custom made kits available, prices on application.

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