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Welcome to GasResearch Australia!

GasResearch Australia Pty Ltd
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GasResearch Australia
GasResearch Australia Pty. Ltd. is an Australian based company incorporated in 1990. Our activities are based on providing the means for efficient use of alternative fuel for transport and industry.

We presently manufacture fuel metering systems, such as the engineered Gold Series of gaseous fuel throttle bodies. To compliment these metering systems, feed back fuel processors are also available.
The technical staff at GasResearch have designed camshafts, manifolds, manifold adaptors and computer controlled systems for alternative fuel efficiency on a wide range of vehicles and equipment. Complete packages, whether it be for your factory sweeper, pump house, or transport fleet are all manufactured in Australia. Bespoke systems can be manufactured, installed and commissioned by GasResearch technicians. Our technicians are networked throughout Australasia.

You can now run your stationary engines, forklifts, cars and "Dual Fuel" diesel trucks from your own natural gas refuelling/compressor station or change your fleet vehicles to an LPG system that suits your company's requirements.

The running costs of your fleet vehicles can be reduced by up to 60% by using alternative fuels. Gaseous fuels are safe to use, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Mission Statement
GasResearch P/L is committed to supplying the finest LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles) equipment available. This commitment extends to all aspects of an engines operation on all gaseous fuels.