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Important information on forced induction!

Forced induction with GasResearch components

At GasResearch we get many enquiries concerning forced induction applications using LPG in both "blow-through" and "draw-through" configurations.

All GasResearch systems have been designed primarily for use with naturally aspirated vehicles.  This makes the products inherently suitable to "draw-through" configurations, as the basic function of the fuel delivery is the same as with a naturally aspirated configuration.

Blow-through setups, however, require that the throttle body handle air and gas at pressures above atmospheric, therefore exceeding the design specifications.  As we have not qualified the design through our own rigorous testing and analysis program with blow-though applications, we cannot strictly recommend their use in this manner.

We are aware that some third parties are using GasResearch products with turbo- and super-chargers with a degree of success.

Those people who wish to run LPG in a blow-through configuration should consult their local performance LPG shop (refer to the fitters list on this site for reputable installers) to be sure they are getting the best advice regarding their individual application.  It is of prime importance to be able to have the utmost confidence in the people who are building and tuning your turbo- or super-charged system, and be able to trust in their advice, so as not to experience any repercussions.

Until such time as GasResearch Australia Pty. Ltd. releases a dedicated forced induction product, we will continue to recommend our systems for use in naturally aspirated or draw through applications only.

Blow-Through and Draw-Through, what is the difference?

Blow-Through systems place the throttle body or carburettor between the turbo/supercharger and the engine.  This means that the throttle body is under pressure, which can potentially cause problems with GasResearch systems.
This configuration allows the use of aftercooling devices and may require the use of a blow-off or boost relief valve (available as a GasResearch performance part).

Draw-Through set-ups require the throttle body or carby to be placed at the inlet to the turbo/supercharger.  This means that the 'charger and all further induction pipework to the engine contains the compressed air/fuel mixture, this can cause problems if backfires are encountered.  As such, inlet ducting should be kept as short as possible, and intercoolers and blow-off valves should not be used.


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